Springtime Savings are Here!

Spring is here! The snow is finally almost all gone, my cats are going insane, and its time for bright and fun colors! I love getting some extra sunlight in my life, it gives me new energy!

Speaking of sunlight and new energy, this week we have lots of tools to get good sleep and get organized so you can feel better and be more productive! Let me share my new beauty rest secret. I just got a light up alarm clock, like this one: 

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And I love it! It slowly gets brighter and has some tweeting birds and other nature noises to wake you up gently and more naturally. I first came across similar models from Phillips : 

 These start at around $100, a little to high for my taste, so I was skeptical, but I hunted down the best deal, this one has all the bells and whistles like a USB port and a sunset function (which is soooo relaxing!) for less than half the price, and there is a clipable coupon you can click on before you checkout to save $3 now!



Okay here come the deals! I need this next product asap, we probably all do! Here is a makeup organizer for less than $15: 

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Save 30.0% on select products from EMOCCI with promo code 30SGKOND, through 3/20 while supplies last.a chain link fence

 Use the link above to automatically apply the code, and then make sure to click the coupon on the listing for an extra 5% off, this brings it down to just $13.64! The code is only good for today, but the coupon may last longer, so it's worth checking back. 

Okay, once I'm caught up on my beauty rest, I'll be starting to add lots of new products, check out this big box of new goodies: 

New Makeup is here!

I am working on getting pictures taken and getting them listed, so look out for those soon! Some of the lippies were damaged, so I might just have to take those to sample. I will make sure to post reviews too! 

Next up is a great deal for warm-weather do's! Summer means it's hot, so updo's are so much cooler. When I had long hair, I loved these donut sponges, they make a ballerina style bun so easy. This kit has different sized donuts, and 2 french twist tools too, so you can create lots of different looks. 

a chain link fencea chain link fence Save 45.0% on select products from YaFex with promo code 456NIYJF, through 3/21 while supplies last.a chain link fence

Click the link to add the coupon code automatically, you can get all seven pieces for less than $5 with the code!

I've got one more deal today, but I'll be checking back in with some color swatches later this week, so I should have lots more coupons then!

Have you tried one of these before? I've never used a blackhead remover like this, I'm afraid of the suction on my sensitive skin! If you ever wanted to try one out, here's a great opportunity, get 30% off this model on Amazon, just click the link below to add the coupon code automatically. 

a chain link fencea chain link fence

Save 30.0% on select products from ZAN.STYLE with promo code 309UTUXN, through 3/22 while supplies last.a chain link fence

That's it for now, I have to get to work on all the new products we'll be listing, so look out for new makeup and polish coming soon!

Springtime Savings are Here!