I'm Baaacck!

I know I said I would be right back in a week with a new special surprise, but then I got surprised myself! Even if no one was counting, it was a lot more than one week. I spent the last few months prepping and planning, and now I'm married!

Planning and having my wedding took up a lot of time and energy, but now I am ready to give you all the attention you deserve. I won't share all the details here because this is a nail polish blog not a wedding blog! I am working on lots of new listings as we speak, new polishes from Cover Girl and Born Pretty will be added soon, and I still haven't forgotten about that special surprise... I have been bargain hunting and scouting out lots of new goodies to share soon, including a lot more than just nail polish! 

Thanks for sticking with me and stay tuned for new swatches and lots of great buys coming with much more frequent updates coming soon! 

I’m Baaacck!